Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Greetings from Design Week in Paris

Hello dear readers.  Just a quick post.  Between the museum exhibitions, galleries and auction previews it has been an exciting time thus far...despite the spring rain.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to take in the 20th Century preview at Tajan and I must say I forgot how well suited their art deco space is to this material.
Tajan Premises: Design Sale (23 May 2013)    Photo: AR
There were many offerings between Printz, Leleu (the chair and ottoman in the foreground) and an impressive Adnet suite in parchment.  But I was captivated by something a bit earlier in the category.
Georges De Feure Writing Table and Chair    Photo: AR
For me, this is a lovely rare survival that is not often seen.  This finely carved art nouveau writing table and chair retain their original upholstery scheme.  The chair and table are by Georges De Feure who was a master of florid art nouveau that was slightly more restrained then his contemporaries.  It is always a treat to see how the period upholstery operates with the work, incorporating the motifs from the carving and integrating the work as a whole.
Georges De Feure Chair      Photo: AR
Detail  Photo: AR
Detail of table upholstery       Photo: AR
Detail of carving to leg      Photo: AR
This piece will hit the block tomorrow and I will post an update.  While art nouveau is not the hottest commodity in this category it has seen a resurgence in the past few years and intact works such as these are what a serious collector seeks.  I am off to hit the galleries....until next time.  --AR


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to you posts...Paris in the Springtime, lucky you...

  2. It looks like has a similar set by De Feure for sale...