Monday, November 16, 2009

Editor's Choice: Modernism Fair

German Art Deco Silver Teapot, circa 1920s

Well the Modernism fair at the Park Avenue Armory closed its doors today with most of the exhibitors in good spirits. I gravitated to metalwork for some reason as is my nature to be attracted to shiny objects. At the booth of New York based J. Lohmann Gallery I encountered a most compelling teapot, and yes there is such a thing as a compelling teapot! It is German Art Deco from the 1920s but owes heavily to the Bauhaus and functionalist schools. It is sleek, modern and space age in its geometry... a veritable tea machine. I am sure if one dug a little deeper a design attribution could be made. A consummate object for sure... and still available from the dealer kids.

Paul Evans Wall Mounted Sculptural Front Cabinet, circa 1960s

The other object that caught my eye was this Paul Evans sculptural front cabinet in the booth of George Gilpin. Now I must qualify this by saying that sometimes Evans' work can be a bit too brutal for my sensibilities, but that is not the case with this cabinet. The array of vibrant tones and sculpted textures evoke an inspired marriage of Louise Nevelson and Joan Miró. It was no surprise that this cabinet found a buyer and thus a new home.

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