Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Robert Isabell Collection: Update

While perusing the various regional auctions today I made an interesting discovery that I thought I would share. If you are a more budget minded collector and wish to have a piece from the Isabell collection then you are in luck. While perusing Stair Galleries December 5th Auction catalogue I was stunned in my tracks by some very familiar pieces. While not named, it seems that lesser pieces from the Isabell collection have made their way to the Hudson New York auctioneer. The proof is in the images:
Image of the sitting room from Robert Isabell's Collection on Minetta Lane
Stair Galleries Marketing image for their December 5th auction

Note that the plates from the Stair Galleries image are indeed the ones from the mantel in Isabell's sitting room, the wrought Iron sconces were from his entrance hall and the large Robert Loughlin painting must be one of the many scattered throughout the Minetta Lane property. Do what I did, scan through the New York Times images from their Robert Isabell feature as you scroll through the Stair Galleries sale (especially the 20th Century section). Very chic things and potential mementos for the lucky winning bidders. Good luck kids.

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