Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Vampire Killing Kit

Just a quick post that I had to send your way as it is Halloween. I have a predilection for the macabre and I always enjoy when one of these gruesome souvenirs come up at auction. May I present a rather extensive "Vampire Killing Kit" currently on the block at Sotheby's.

Image via Sotheby's
No one to my knowledge has fully explained these rather fun oddities. However, it has been asserted that these "kits" were actually lavish souvenirs for those who travelled to eastern europe in the latter part of the 19th century which corresponds with the height of interest in the gothic novel... rather fitting no?
Image via Sotheby's
This kit contains, in part "a carved ivory and black forest lindenwood crucifix, vials with garlic, salt and "holy water," a bible, a gun with a leather powder flask and silver bullets, a dagger, four stakes and a mallet, a moulded glass cross-shaped candlestick, and an English map of Galizia, Eastern Hungary and Transylvania."
Image via Sotheby's
Sotheby's is expecting it to fetch a hefty $20,000-30,000 in their 19th century sale on November 16th. We will have to wait and see where it goes. Happy Haunting--AR

UPDATE:  The sale cam and went but I am happy to report that this lot made $25,000!


  1. What a cool object, but $20,000? What was the syringe for?

    The mallet and stakes remind me of the old Munsters joke in which Lily, consoling her niece Marilyn, says something like, "There, there, dear, you've just had your heart broken. Wait until you've had a stake driven through it!"
    Happy Halloween, Road to Parnassus

  2. AR,

    A most interesting post thanks for the enlightenment. I would have never known such “souvenirs” were in existence. But dare I say it would take more then this little trinket box to make me feel secure while kicking about the ruins of Vlads Place. Hoping only good goblins come your way this night. – gary