Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo of the Day

Love the play of pattern in the fine details...

Well our commenter was correct it is of Egyptian inspiration but filtered through the lens of the English arts and crafts movement. I present Liberty and Co.'s fabled "Thebes" stool.
Clearly Liberty is summoning a true understanding of ancient Egyptian forms which was a refreshing change amidst the veritable ocean of sham revival styles in the 19th century. This particular example dates to 1880 and is formed out of very nicely figured walnut.
The dished yet squared top is hauntingly modern, which is only enhanced by the rigid geometry of the woven seat.
This example is presently on sale in the vintage section of Liberty in London for the princely sum of £2,850. But not to worry they do come up at auction for those who are not in need of the full retail experience. Christie's South Kensington outpost is offering a lovely example in beechwood next month for a mere whisper of the Liberty price at an estimate of £700-900. We shall have to wait and see where it goes... --AR

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