Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo of the Day

In an effort to creep into your internet lives on a more regular basis I have opted to post design tid-bits from my back catalogue. I will still be bringing you more thoughtful posts but I hope these morsels will fill the void when I am otherwise engaged. Not sure how this will work, but comment if you wish, make a guess as to what it is and perhaps I will follow-up with insights. Best regards to all at the start of this new week...AR

Update: This repousse silver detail comes from a surprisingly factory made coffeepot.
It was designed by Fritz Schmoll von Eisenwerth in 1913 for the firm of P. Bruckmann & Sons of Heilbronn. Jugendstil designs such as these always remind me the German expression of art nouveau really had the jump on art deco by more than a decade. If you squint just right you would almost think it was by Sue et Mare.
Sue et Mare for Christofle circa 1930 via Christie's

While the flowers pack a visual punch, the handle is quite exquisite as well.


  1. Pray tell, what IS that?

    Love to look at your blog.

    Cheers, J.

  2. Beautiful thing. The curve of the spout and that handle; a perfect duet.