Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

Not such a severe crop on this one. Do you know where it is? I love stolen moments like this... the play of really transports you.

Well Lord Cowell nailed it (thanks for the comment). If you have not seen his lush blog you can find it here. It is indeed a detail from the corner of the Grand Salon in the Napoleon III Apartments in the Louvre.
My work trips usually leave me with downtime on odd weekdays. These are the best times to slip into venerable institutions to have a little quiet time in a great space. Below is a view a small reception off the main hall.
This was a great morning....good early spring light. The firm Virtual Sweden has done an excellent virtual tour of the Grand Salon, and while filled with people, it is truly amazing. Be sure to pan up to take in the ceiling...astounding. Until tomorrow. -AR


  1. The torchiere and red furnishings look very much like the reconstructed apartment of Napoleon at The Louvre, certainly it is very similar.



  2. No idea where this respite is located, but can't wait to find out. Hope it's in my hemisphere...