Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo of the Day

I encountered this beauty at an exhibition in Paris. Any guesses?

This lacquer detail is derived from a chic little side cabinet designed by Paul Follot ca. 1920.

The cabinet came from a rare early 1920s home that was decorated by Follot from stem to stern. When I heard that it was stamped the connoisseur in me could not resist....I had to flip it over. With the number of deco fakes around it is always great to inspect a period stamp on a fully documented piece.
The cabinet in-situ ca. 1922 via Camard
The interior was published in Mobilier et Decoration in 1922. Note the cabinet is at the extreme right and that the piano at left has the same rose decoration. Follot is not an iconic name but he is rather important maker from the period when the early modernist movement transitioned into fully realized art deco.

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